LEM is a focused manufacturer and a global market leader

LEM is a global organization with production plants in Beijing (China), Geneva (Switzerland), Tokyo (Japan) and in Sofia (Bulgaria). The Company has sales offices close to its main clients’ locations and offers seamless service around the globe.

LEM Location

LEM is a focused manufacturer and a global market leader. Its core products, transducers for measuring electrical parameters like current and voltage, are used in a broad range of applications.

Although these devices are not visible to the outside world, they are vital for application functionality and the benefits provided to the end users. Starting with products for locomotives in the seventies, LEM expanded into a vast area of industrial applications, including variable speed drives for motors and power supplies for industrial applications.

Today, LEM’s current and voltage transducers are also used in AC/DC converters, uninterrupted power supply systems for computers as well as in new innovative energy applications like microturbines and wind and solar power generation.

Additional opportunities have been developed in the automotive market, such as battery management and start/stop applications for conventional cars and electrical motor controls, battery pack management and embedded chargers for green cars. This evolution underscores the Company’s exceptional skills in adapting to rapidly changing industrial trends, such as miniaturization, higher performance levels and a greater degree of application, integration and complexity.

LEM has the strongest brand recognition in its markets. Its products – commonly called “LEMs” – are at the heart of many power electronics applications. LEM’s strategy is to increase its technology leadership, efficiency and production flexibility. At the same time, LEM is committed to maintaining customer focus and operational excellence by running cost-effective and service-oriented production platforms.

Profitable growth is a key objective.

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